Don’t order toast with your French toast meal!



Sure, we all know making a plan is good. But what happens when you’re in a rush? What happens when you have good intentions yet stumble in the late morning on what to order for breakfast? You know, when you woke up at four a.m. to be somewhere yet didn’t eat your real meal until nine. Well you make silly mistakes like ordering toast as the side for your French toast order.


Seriously, why would you want four more pieces of bread?


When trying to (use that word lightly, try, because it doesn’t actually mean anything) make smart decisions sometimes you may get a bit one sided. Too focused on one idea. You don’t want you go too heavy on the single thing you “thought” you wanted. This will help you have a solid foundation. If I would just had a meal planned for myself, first thing in the morning, I wouldn’t be scrambling five hours after. Of course I ate food long before the meal. That was just snacking.


What are you doing that is just snacking until you get to do the meal? Get out of the rut. Put your imagination cap on. Get your plan out of your mind and on the notepad on the table. To be able to imagine, to dream, to start long term planning, you must be nourished.


Where are you heading in life? Feed your soul’s true appetite to get there. It must be wholesome, well rounded and preplanned.

How does this apply to you?

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