How to make sure you don’t waste ten years



Here it is guys. I just had a revelation in the last week.


I just realized it has been ten years.


I was going over insurance options for the year 2016. I am in transition, what I like to refer as a #Inbetweener. From blue-collar lawn care guy, to The Oklahoma facilitator of the 48 days message.


What does that mean to you? A lot. I am a person living out the message.


Insurance broker asked me, what kind of business do you own. I replied that it was a lawn care company. But at the end of the calendar year of 2015 I completely closed that venture. He moved on asking what was in store for 2016. “Crap.” I nearly came up with a blank. You know the feeling when you have ideas but are realizing you may be ridiculed for thinking that your wild ideas are going to work? That’s how I felt. I knew I wanted to move into personal coaching.


But here is the pendulum swing. I came over to the house after that meeting. I was thinking, “I’m going to take a break from leadership podcast for the rest of the day.” I get the feeling from time to time to just take music to the max level since I love it. Generally I’m not into the vocal message, but I just love the sounds. I play a bit of newer rock, and then it hits me. Why not listen to “The Tutts.” Of course I don’t expect you to know the band. They are an Auckland, New Zealand band from the mid 2000’s.


Weird stuff. (By the way my mind thinks fast.)


The sound brought me back to when I first found the band. It was 2005. I picked up a temp job working in a warehouse. I thought back to what my train of thought was back then. I was talking about owning a business.


What the crap happened to the last ten years????




I look around the house at what I’m doing today. Just a bunch of stupid. Moving stuff from area to area. Deciding if I’m going to sell the small parts I see lying around. Or just say, “Forget it?” Toss the junk in the trash. How much time do I need to invest just to make a few bucks one time.


So here is the reason you read this entire story, the punch line. Looking over the last year these are the exact reasons I haven’t accomplished the ownership. (First off you need self-accountability to see this) I have purposefully put roadblocks in my way onto success. My wife rocks everyday, working her tail off. I haven’t lived up to my success. I end up pushing paperwork. Fixing our cars, keeping maintenance up to date. Keeping the household operating. But here is what I missed. I am a wheeler-dealer. I buy stuff, have fun with it and sell it off. It’s part of my “Own your fun” strategy.


But why? Am I missing the exact reason why I do that?


I think so.


If you want to not waste the next ten years of your life, not really getting closer to your goals then don’t just work through each day. Get on to strategizing.


You think life is about acquiring awesome stuff?


Having a bunch of fun stuff is super cool. Owning so much fun stuff you can’t keep up with all of it, and further your true intentions and efforts, is not worth it.


So from today on, I am continuing my purging binge. I’m selling our extra vehicle. I’m selling the Sea Doo’s. I am not going to continue parting out vehicles. I’m done with that.


To not waste long periods of time, remove everything that isn’t essential. Layout the track you want to drive on in a few minutes. Get out the yellow pad. Jot it down. Then think about all of the junk you “have to do.” Just start ripping down the list of “have to dos.” Set up the calendar for the next week. Let that calendar reflect that you are finally going to clean that office of yours that has been a mess for three years. Your garage is crazy? Purge it. Have you ever seen the show a few years back on Discovery, where they go into people’s houses that need organizing? The older guy takes a couple tarps out on the lawn or driveway, says, “keep, donate, or sell.” Then they just start grabbing items out of the house, and in a quick second decide what to do with that person’s belongings.


I want you to do that with your time obligations. Get the junk on that yellow pad. Decide, am I going to keep doing this or not.


From there you just freed up at least twenty hours a week of crap you don’t want to do any more. You know what you can do with twenty hours a week? Start that dream of yours.


Don’t let that dream continue as just a dream.

How does this apply to you?

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