Ahh, the word contentment.

Some of you have had this word thrown at you on a regular basis, over long periods of time.  It almost has that ring to it.  Linked to the sound of disgust in my ear.  Like an idea that yeah, you do need to feel great about driving that old piece of junk around.  Gosh, sometimes when I hear the contentment word I just want to roll forward and gag.

I’m sure there are people all around that would concur with those feelings if asked.

In disguise I have been learning about the idea more and more over the last few years.  Like when I drive around in our old ’91 Ford truck.  I have pride in the look of the paint peeling, bent front bumper, and a passenger seat that rattles when in motion.  It’s not because I am content* with it like the above description.

No, not at all.

What it is to me is a visual representation that I have chosen to make for future me. We will be more stable, more cautious and price sensitive.  Most people looking from the outside see broke guy’s truck.  I see future success.  By large margins.

Have you ever looked back on something you did in life to see that it set you back by years? If you have been an adult for any period of time at all then the answer probably is an easy yes.  Now think about this.  What if you changed, in your head, what contentment meant to you?  It’s always said that you can see the past in 20/20.  Meaning perfect vision. When it comes to future there is never anyway that you can see out the vision perfectly.  So what if contentment meant to you that you were preparing for the future?   Even though I don’t know the repercussions of driving that old truck will have on our future, I have decided to do so anyway because I believe.

This is what I call contentment, “Being satisfied with what I have today, for the understanding that future me will cherish and respect what current me has done for him.”

How does this apply to you?

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