“Eddy the Eagle”

Sunday night five of us went over to the local theater.  I have been wanting to watch this movie since I first seen the previews months ago.  If you haven’t watched the movie, don’t worry, I won’t ruin it for you.

There is one major emotion/decision that Michael Eddy Edwards emits from his heart.  It comes out all through the cinema.  Like a beam of truth.  The sort of emotion that others notice.

Andy Andrews is a writer and speaker.  He has read hundreds of biographies.  Over time he has come up with a list.  This list is made up of decisions that each one of the people in those biographies has made throughout their lives.  Some of the great leaders have made more than one major decision.

The Seven Decisions:

  1. The Buck Stops Here. (Responsible Decision)
  2. I Will Seek Wisdom (Guided Decision)
  3. I Am A Person Of Action (Active Decision)
  4. I Have A Decided Heart (The Certain Decision)
  5. Today, I Will Choose To Be Happy (Joyful Decision)
  6. I Will Greet This Day With A Forgiving Spirit (Compassionate Decision)
  7. I Will Persist Without Exception (Persistent Decision)

The decision that is absolutely evident is number seven.

If you want to read the book so that you know what I am talking about, you can buy it here

And subsequently here too!

Is there a reason why this struck me so hard?  Yes.  Number seven is actually my absolute favorite of the list.  It may be because I have been known to give up midway or late in a process.  What I notice from “Eddy,” early as a child on up to adulthood of twenty two years old, is that with his mind in the clouds he has decided he will do whatever it takes to be an Olympian.  Was his path redirected as an early adult? Yes.  Am I stating that if you made a decision at six years old that you need to push through whatever the struggle is to get that exact outcome? Of course not.

No matter the adversity that Eddy faced he followed through with his major goal.  That was to be an Olympian.  To represent his country.  Some may have not felt he was not good enough.  That did not push him away.  He had a decided heart. He chose to be happy no matter the circumstance. He had a decided heart on his lofty goal.  He continued to seek out the wisdom of the icons in his new sport.

To me decision seven was the foundation and the creme on top of all his decisions.

The world was stunned.  They were supportive.  Excited for this athlete that did not technically “compete” with the other skiers.  What Eddy did was compete with himself.  To such a level that it was unbelievable.  For that he was cheered.

Are you ready for others to cheer you on?

Maybe take a look at Eddy’s book.


How does this apply to you?

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