We all have a story.  We have all had or are fixing to have life changing events happen to us.

There are 7.125 Billion people in the world.  That’s an estimate as of 2013.  Recognize that a Billion is one thousand million.  The number is so large it may be difficult to understand how many that truly is.


This blog here is not intended for me being the teacher.  I’m telling you I would run out of steam pretty quick.  There is only so much that I know.  Even when you add in the studying that I do regularly.  I do want you to grasp this concept.

Today.  Today is the absolute best day in someone’s life.  You know the one that they look back to as an old person and say, “It was this day, (Insert Date) that was the game changer for me.”

On the contrary, Today is also the absolute worst day in someone else’s life.  The day that everything went wrong.  The day that the loved one was with them no longer.

I don’t believe that what we do at work is all for our personal gain.  I do believe that we work to serve others.  I do remember the time that someone bought me lunch when I didn’t know how I was going to pay for food that day.  I’m sure the buyer never recognized that.  So while you are at work, actually work.  What your doing may not be able to wait tomorrow.  Get your butt in gear.

Because today, you may be the linchpin that changes someone’s world.  Better or worse.

How does this apply to you?

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