There is only one You

Are you interested in finding all the information there is to know on one subject?

Ask any child or teen about something your wondering about.

Typical answer, “Google it.”

So you do that.  What happens?  You find someone or a group of someones that have searched, learned and studied this subject you are interested in.  They have written e-books, made podcast and YouTube videos on that thing.  You may know one thing that hasn’t been discussed by these “Experts.”

But how the crap do you get into the space?  How do you become The guy or girl that is in the know?  The heavyweight in the space?

Those are misdirected questions.  The likelihood of you being the top dog in any industry is slim.  You put in the effort you may turn into the heavyweight champion.  It will be a long road, for sure.  Since I said those were misdirected questions, what are the right questions?


You, yourself, have connections.  Now those connections only apply to you today.  I can speak into my brother’s life better than that guru we found through google search.  Adding the guru’s insight with my own life experience gets information that is much more believable and understandable to my brother.

Remember that even though there is someone out in the internet world, that knows more than I do, that has more experience in the subject than I do, I still have a place.

You and I have a value that we bring to the market that no one else can.  We have our story, blended with our knowledge, with our perspective.

No matter what, that can’t be taken away from you.  No one can go cheaper on their price to push you out of business.  Only you can.  You are NOT a commodity.

Remember that.


How does this apply to you?

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