What you don’t know will kill you.


It doesn’t matter if you understand how Newton’s law of gravity works or not.  If you do walk off the edge of a cliff, you will fall.  That will probably kill you.

If you don’t learn about the market and what people want, you will be killed financially.

If you are making the same item in your business as you did five years ago, if you advertise the same way you did ten years ago, you will be killed by the people that understand the emerging market strategies.

If you look for a new job the same way you were taught in middle school, you won’t get the best job.  It’s simple.  That method from a decade or decades ago doesn’t work as effectively today as it may have back then.

The principles may carry over, the execution does not.

I want some of you to join me in a journey.  Where most of the discovery comes from within.  It is called the 48days to the work you love seminar.  I will be facilitating the class.

It is six weeks long with only one night a week.  The date will be released very soon  So if you are just dying to know how you can find work you actually enjoy and wake up excited for shoot me a text, email, tweet or snap and let me know you are ready!IMG_4721

How does this apply to you?

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