I’ve started a new trend here on the site.  First I started with #AskGaryVee book that came out on the 8th of March.

So I started thinking, why haven’t I been showing you guys who else I have been learning from.  Here is a rockstar that has a single phrase cemented in my head.

Take the stairs.”

rory vaden

This is Rory’s book, subtitled as, 7 steps to achieving true success.

Every time I have been in a hotel, since I was introduced, I have struggled to ride the elevator.  Now is this some work out book?  Nope.  So I’ll let him introduce the book, his way.

The general thesis from his website:

“VADEN shares a refreshing and slightly irreverent message that the truth about successful people is that they have simply developed the skill to do the things they know they should be doing even when they don’t feel like doing them. Successful people have the discipline required to get things done regardless of their emotional state. In short successful people Take the Stairs while others waste time looking for the escalator.

But self‐discipline isn’t as hard we all think, once we learn to think about it the right way. The seven incredibly empowering and unique insights shared in this book are transforming the way people think about work. This timely message has everyone realizing – many for the first time‐ the great paradox that the most guaranteed path to success and the easy life is to Take the Stairs.”


Aren’t those last two paragraphs inspiring?

There is one more quote that stops me in my tracks all the time.

The Rent Axiom – “Success is never owned, it is only rented; and the rent is due every day.”

So If you haven’t gotten on the Twitter train yet, you ought to.  It is one thing to read and learn from people.  But even better is to be able to interact with them.  Here recently Rory changed the format of their podcast from the “Rory Vaden show” to “Daily Discipline with Rory Vaden.”  I mentioned to him:

Examples like that give me even more of a reason to introduce you to the people I have been learning from.

You can buy this book of Rory’s here.


Edit: I may have a way for you to be able to download the book for free from Audible!


How does this apply to you?

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