Setting your online Boundaries

It’s customary to have boundaries in your physical, real life.

Look around, they are all over the place.  We know exactly what land is yours and what land is your neighbors.  I don’t need a sign in the front window of the living room at that house across the street to say “Private Property.”

I already know.

I don’t need a gate to the back yard because I can tell that if it is land behind your house, it’s your back yard.

But people put those signs up.  They put up that fence.  They all have locks on their front doors.  Right along with deadbolts.  Add to that alarm systems that not only alert half the neighborhood but the officials that can rush over, guns drawn, when someone gets in that isn’t supposed to be there.

As I believe the internet to be developing, I see many ideals that work in real life translate into internet life.

Do you have a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat?  Almost every single person on the internet has a social media account of some type.

How many people do you suppose have their own website?  Like this one here, that you are reading on?

When I look at social media outlets I see them the same as the neighborhood and city we live in.  When you post up your political views, of some propaganda, on your “wall” it is like you are going out into the street intersection waving a poster on your picket.  You are blasting out what your views are for everyone to see.

Hey they didn’t come to that intersection to read the crap on your poster.

When you are on Twitter do you run up to a random celebrity and tell them that their movie was horrible and that they are the worst actor you have ever seen?  You might have.

After you researched and found where they lived, would you go up and knock on the door telling them the same?  Doubt it!

Consider building out your own website.

So instead of spending all your time at the local hang out place, it is like inviting people over to your house for a get together.  You schedule out a post for next Friday.  Look at it like you are having a party next Friday.  You may put up a sign or hand out flyers in real life.  So do that in social media.  Put out a flyer online saying, “Hey, I’m having a party next Friday.”

Your friends, colleagues, and their +1’s can come over to have fun with you.

But the rules of this engagement just changed.  You’re no longer out in the public spaces *IE social media.  We are in your house.

There are “House rules.”

We have a locking knob and deadbolt on our front door.  Just like we have key for the door, we have the ability and key to lock out comments that trash our perspective in our own internet house.

So if you want to come over and hang out at our Internet house, come on over.  I’ll open the door.  We have get togethers (Blog Post) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Feel free to comment after a blog post.  We welcome it, but spammer need not apply their antics.


How does this apply to you?

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