#KraftHack Monday

Whew, I almost forgot to have a blog post come out today.

So I will make this quick.

Hashtag Kraft Hack’s are life hacks that DR. Renae Kraft from TeamSuperPowers.com and I come up with.  Today’s hack is a simple time saver.

tag office lines

Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to spend time in the tag office!

I used to always be the guy that just went down the street to the local tag office to get out tags renewed.  Hey sometimes you can get in and out in ten minutes.  We get the paper from the Oklahoma Tax Commission in the mail.  The thing that I never liked was that on that paper they want you to just start writing down too much personal information to be floating through the mail system.

You may get aggravated by mailing in the paperwork because of the $1.50 mail fee.  I decided today to try out the online renewal.  Go ahead and add another $1.50 for that.  You may think, forget that, I am going to run down the street to the local tag office.

Now let’s do a little math.  Lowest common denominator.  If you made minimum wage of $7.25 this math will work.  Using this dollar amount we will do the math on time spent.

I would bet that most people in the metro’s are within twenty minutes of a tag office.

So that’s $2.39 to get there in time.

Spend minimum of ten minutes there

$1.21 in time spent inside the building.

Drive home.


Total cost in minimum wage time equals $5.99.  Every single time I look at the numbers, $5.99 is more than $3.

Imagine the waste of your energy when you make more than minimum wage (less than 5% of all people working).  The possibility of you pulling off getting in and out in ten minutes is pretty dang low.

#KraftHack says do your tag renewals online.

How does this apply to you?

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