retire inspired

This is a leadership thing.

Retirement is not a thing.  It is a concept.  But that concept doesn’t revolve around just being old.

As Chris Hogan states in his new book, “Retirement is not an age, it’s a financial number.”

You  may be thinking, “Chris, what the heck are you doing reading retirement books and you’re still in your twenties?”

I believe retirement is a leadership concept.  If you’ve done well to lead your family in some level of wealth then you decide when and what you do.  As he sates in the book, you move from “have to’s” to “want to’s.”  Meaning at a certain level of wealth you decide that you no longer have to work.  I never said you don’t work any longer, just that you decide if you work or not.  That car out in the driveway doesn’t make your decision because you owe some bank for it.

I’ll get heavy into this subject in time to come.  If you don’t listen to Dave Ramsey, then you may have never heard of Chris Hogan.  Even if you have listened to Dave for years, there is still plenty of meat in the book to discover.


Now you know me.  I am an audio book guy.  So I’ve teamed up with Audible to help new Audible listeners receive this book for free.  As a matter of fact the deal is still going where you can download two books for free.  Check it out through my Amazon link.


How does this apply to you?

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