One thing you tell kids but don’t follow yourself

I say just one thing.  That’s not because there is only one thing, there are many more.

If you work, you pay taxes.  It’s not really up to your personal decisions how that money is spent.  You may be aggravated at the ornate designs on a new bridge structure that was recently built.  How that could have been money spent to employ people to work on a road in your neck of the woods.  That doesn’t really matter in this discussion.

When a child is young they are taught to read books.  They read or learn through a book for each class they are taking.  Plus in reading class or english, they are expected to read many more books.  And on and on adding in summer reading and just general entertainment books.

There was always a disconnect for me, and plenty of other people I know, as we all came up through the school system.  Like, what the heck does this story have to do with my life?  Generally there wasn’t a one to one correlation.

What I see now, more than ever, is the direct correlation with reading and having imagination.  Almost all kids have an amazing imagination.  Like the lava on the floor in the living room.  Jumping around from couch to chair all to make sure the lava doesn’t burn them.  You and I, as adults now, see nothing more than some carpet.

So back to those dang taxes.  One place that I think money is well spent with tax dollars is libraries.  Here in Oklahoma City we have a network of libraries.  There are a couple of mid century modern buildings close by that house all the imagination you could… “Imagine.”

(See what I did there?  Haha)


I have published a few articles on this website that ask you to head over to buy a book or to get a free Audible book.  Though a lot of us won’t put money where we don’t see value.

Like when we buy a car.  We test drive it first.  Generally anyway.

So my #KraftHack for you is to get a local library card.  You might feel like an adult/child by heading into the library to get one for yourself.  Who cares?  I don’t.

The best part about having a library card for say the Metro system is that we are able to download Audio books.  For rent, of course.  For a week or two.  Bluetooth that bad boy in your car, so instead of listening to those dang commercials on the radio you can listen to an adventure.  Thanks tax payer!

I have listened or re listened to four books this month.  (I am checking to see if the statistic that the average millionaire reads a book a month is true, yet I’m more hardcore!)

So my recommendation for today is one of my favorites.  Andy Andrews has plenty of awesome books, yet the seven decisions stands out the most to me.  I’m about halfway through it as I write this article.  I started it this morning.  It’s on our library’s app, but if yours doesn’t have it here is the link to Audible.

How does this apply to you?

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