Don’t think you have to know it all.


Pre internet Age.

If you wanted to be successful there was an idea that you had to know it all.  You had to be able to spout off statistics and tactics that related to the subject at hand.

You had to know exactly where France was on the map to tell a story of Europe.  You had to be able to instantly recall an idea or theory within a milli second, even though you hadn’t thought of it in years.

Well guys, that idea is dead.

Post internet.

No longer do you need to go to college to get ahead.  I’m not saying that I don’t believe in college.  If you are looking to find and fulfill work that requires extensive studies, like medical or law, then yes go ahead and go to college.

If you think you need college to learn how to operate a business and especially in marketing, I wouldn’t bother.  All, and I mean all plus some, of that can be learned by research on the internet.  Sure twenty years or so ago you could learn a lot from studying from books in the school library.  But today, you can learn in real time.  Meaning, you can learn a subject as that subject is changing.

The people that do the best are people that fulfill a need.  Whether it is Walmart that needs a good supplier of pools this year or a ton of people that need to learn SEO (Search engine optimization) for their blogs.  Sometimes the person that fulfills the need isn’t even the person coming up with the content or pools.  That person may simply be what I call a middle man.  A person that sees a need AND knows a person or company that can fulfill it.  Technically Walmart is a middle man system.  They understand a need in the market for a retailer, and they search out companies to fulfill the needs of the consumer.

Moral of the story, are you a person that is supplying to one customer? (A person that has a J-O-B)

Or are you a person that supplies to many customers? (Generally Self employed or owner of a company)

Tell me your struggles.  It can be a tough transition from the J-O-B group to the group that helps a ton of people.  I want to know what you are having difficulty with.

I also want you to know that I don’t believe in the idea that to earn more you must go to more school.  What I do believe is that to earn more, you must give more value to others.  That isn’t a direct correlation to learning more.  It is a direct correlation with simply finding more people to help out, to fulfill their needs or to better take care of the customers you already have.

I’ll give you an example, let’s say you own a trucking company.  And for my example you drive merchandise from a warehouse to a store.  Back and forth everyday.  In this scenario you pick up from 5 warehouses a week and drop off to ten stores a week.  Let’s say you are making $1,500 after expenses for these trips.  You want to make more money, so you can either work for more warehouses or figure out a system to pick and and deliver for more places.  So you want to work alone, so you now pick up and deliver twice as much.  You make roughly twice as much.  $3,000 a week.

Now let’s say you want to get super serious because you know some of your buddies that work in oil that drove trucks don’t have near as much work today as they did two years ago.

So now you hire a two guys to run routes that you set up.  You called the warehouses and stores to find out who needs help.  You just landed twenty new warehouses to pick up merchandise from.

So you have your original 5=$1,500

Then you doubled your work for yourself which made 10=$3,000

Now you just added twenty more 30=$9,000 a week (We are figuring the same amount of net pay still)

You not only figured out a way to help with the warehouse and the storefronts but you helped out a couple guys that needed work.  How awesome is that?  You didn’t hardly need to learn anything when it came to calculus or biochemistry did you?  Nope.  What you did, was find a need-then filled it.  Then realized the need was bigger than you- now you filled two needs.

Don’t believe the lie that knowing more without putting in the work translates into simply getting more money.

How does this apply to you?

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