I would be doing injustice if I didn’t share this

That’s right.  A complete injustice.  It’s like low hanging fruit.

Grab that fruit! It’s right in front of your eyes.

So I went to the CPA on Thursday.  If only I knew all the law and deductions like the CPA’s do. I would be so much better off during #TaxSeason.

Renae from TeamSuperPowers.com downloaded an app called Mile IQ last October.  We do a lot of driving and that particular month we realized it was going to be more than it used to be. This app is able to understand when you start driving and when you stop driving your car.  You can easily log each drive as Personal or Business at the swipe of a finger.

This is how we were able to deduct $3,821.11 for year 2015 on our taxes!  That was starting from October and through December of last year!

We are talking about a Federal deduction of 57.5 (2015) and 54 (2016) cents per every single mile driven.  This works perfect if you have multiple jobs, or work in many different locations for a company.

Imagine if you could capture all of the mileage reimbursement from the job you have?

 I’m so dang excited about the value of this app that I hooked you guys up with a 20% discount the Premium account with unlimited drives.  Remember that downloading on your phone from the iTunes store first will NOT get you your discount!


Now you guys know I would hook you up.  We found a way to affiliate with Mile IQ and are now able to get you the Premium account for $47.99 a year instead of $60 normal price.

That’s 20% discount.  Now that is a serious #KraftHack


If you are having troubles with the links I provided above, you can always go to the Mile IQ .com website and type in the discount code of OZZZZ

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 5.20.02 PM


How does this apply to you?

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