What I’ve learned on the internet

I don’t care if you are marketing or hanging out.  I don’t care if you’re a watching videos of cats all the time or using the internet for research.

There is one truth.  Adding your mark and content matters.

Have fun on the internet.  I truly believe you shouldn’t be a troll.  I also don’t think you should just be a taker.  A lot of people I know will get on a forum, learn something real quick and leave the forum to never speak.

There is always something that you know or are an expert at, that others don’t or aren’t.

Find a little spot that needs filled, and fill it.

I’m hanging out on #SnapChat a lot this week.  Check out my stories. Like this little clip-


I’m also getting ready to head out to California. Going to San Diego for Social Media Marketing Worlds #SMMW16 .   I’m driving out so I put a bunch of decals on the car for the trip. Maybe a business or two will see the #mileIQ.org sticker and check it out.  They’ll learn how to get 20% off their #MileIQ for #mileTracking.  Never know if I stop somewhere for gas or to eat and someone #snaps a photo of the QR code on the windows.

Never know, so for just a few dollars we will do this experiment.IMG_5130


Tell me what you think I shouldn’t leave the house without!!!  I don’t want to forget anything!

How does this apply to you?

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