40 people following!!!

Quick message from me today.

Thank you!

I am so amazed by you guys that have decided to follow, to see the stories and write ups that I do.  One thing I notice that I write about most is exactly the things that I need to hear myself.  I’ve talked about leadership, because I have a need to lead and to be led.  I talk about cool little #Krafthacks because I like it when someone on my side shows me the shortcuts they’ve found.

I’ll keep pushing and prodding.  All while keeping you in the loop on what has been working for me.

40 is a big milestone to me.

That’s like having 40 people sitting in our little living room, listening to me tell stories.  How awesome would that be? (little cramped, ha)

I value each and every one of you.  Thank you for your support.  On TheChrisKraft.com I’m generally serious, now if you want the fun side of me just friend me on SnapChat.

Thanks again!


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