When you can’t find it, make it.

Do you remember when you were a kid?  If you were like me, you wanted a car.  A fast and fun sports car.  With a big screaming motor.

I was a kid with a lot of imagination.  Dylan and I would build “cars” out of materials we found around the house.  We had a little red wagon, so we’d find a box that fit perfectly on it.  Cut out a windshield, make a cool little stereo by drawing on the “dash.”

Well I did the same thing today.

No I didn’t mean that I went and built a little red wagon car.  I used my imagination and worked with what I had.


I watched a few snap stories lately talking about the GhostCodes app.  I had no idea what was going on.  It was just a two or three second snippet of “hey add me on Ghost codes.”

I searched around.  Didn’t really find much.  I wanted all of my friends to get on the new app so I helped them.  I found a few special codes to enter since it is an invite only app.  I made two videos in my story on SnapChat on how to.

Reason why this is so valuable of an app is that there is no Native recommend or random search inside of #snapchat

I don’t have thousands of people looking at my snaps yet.  So I knew I needed to look outward for that awesome tutorial to gain any big traction.  What is the biggest resource of streaming video still?  I think that it’s Youtube.com.  At least that’s what pops to mind first for me.

Searching on Youtube brought me absolutely nothing on GhostCodes.  I edited my video down so that it would make a little more sense to an absolute stranger.  Then uploaded it.

As I said in another post, add content to the internet.  Don’t just be a taker.  If you see an opportunity to help others, then do it.

You can find the Youtube Video by

Clicking here!


Ask me any question here if you are having trouble.

How does this apply to you?

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