I feel like a Fraud

Has that phrase ever went through your head?

It happened to me a couple of hours ago today.  That rush of overwhelming emotion thinking you’re going to be found out.  Like everyone else in the room is a professional and you’re just the amateur.  The fraud.


I’m in Phoenix, on #TheChrisKraftRoadTrip to Social Media Marketing World conference in sunny San Diego, California.  Spending some time hanging out with family that I haven’t seen in a long while.  Now, back to the story…

Where I’m going is like the Super bowl of online marketing, or the Championship of NBA.  It’s the majors.  I’m nervous like the first time I went on a date with the girl that became my wife.  Stomach in throat type.

Then a little lunch, and a step back.  I needed to gain a little perspective.  That’s what I was lacking.  Perspective.  I was looking at the situation the same way people complain saying, “Why me?”

Inside of me there is this need and desire to learn.  To find out something that no one else knows around me and then be able to correlate those experiences into helping them find their dreams.  Or at least supplement their research.

So you know what, why not me?  Who else should be in the position I am in?  To go to a marketing conference with 3,000 marketers with over a hundred of the best practitioners in the world.  As Rory would say, “It’s hard to be nervous, when your heart is on service.”  So even though I may have felt nervous, “Forget it.”

I’m putting my nose to the grindstone.

It’ll help me.

It’ll help you which will help all of us.

So the next time you are nervous about stepping into the ring with the big boys, remember you may just be getting the experience that will be the catalyst of someone else’s life someday.  And if you’re not nervous by the boys in that ring, you need to step up a few classes of experience.

How does this apply to you?

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