Are you scared of your potential?

Whew.  I am.

Let me rephrase that, I have been.

Most people are scared of the “what ifs.”  The link from the “what ifs” to “potential” is simple.  They both live in the habitat of the unknown.  That deep, dark and scary part of your brain.  The part of the brain that has that weird clown, seven foot tall that looks like Bozo, but laughing hysterically in a sinister way.

(Wait, I’m getting scared writing this)

Potential has a sense of unknown to it.  People may say “man that person could do so much better if they just realized their potential.”  Which isn’t a tangible item.  It might not even really be measurable to its full extent.

So why have we been scored against our potential?  If you looked at your successes and failures, have you pushed yourself?

A problem that I always see is that we can become crippled by the “What ifs.”  If you start to gain traction in your career path, you may wonder what the heck you are going to do with more responsibility.  Or another thing that scares people is, what will you do with that much more income?

Step back, and get in your head right now.  Envision yourself walking up to that clown.

Knock that weirdo out!

Say to yourself: I’ll deal with the consequences of success as they come.  No longer will I be handicapped by the possibility of making the wrong decision when more responsibility is given to me.  From now on I will not stand idle when I have a fire burning inside of me.  This day is my day.  And I will give it my all.

How does this apply to you?

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