Breaking free of “consumption orientation”

As I put this out to you on email, Facebook, twitter and snapchat, it is Monday.  The day where most people go back to work for the week.

I am writing this article for most people.  That is, let’s work all week and have a blast on the weekend.

The thing I notice going through the path of adulthood is habits.  A habit a lot of us need to break is the consumption orientation habit.  You may have never heard of this.  I’m coining the phrase right here.

That’s right, just coined it.  And you witnessed it.

What this phrase means is, “An orientation or bent towards consuming or using up all of what is available.”

A lot of us do this.  We live lives in which we consume all of our money.  We consume all of our free time with fun activities.  Generally the trend doesn’t change as we become more efficient.

For instance.  Washing dishes by hand takes a long time after every single meal.  Then the dishwasher came to be standard in households.  We can load that machine up within ten minutes, instead of forty minutes of washing by hand.  Now how do we allot the new found thirty minutes?  Generally just jack around with it.

I see the same come to the person that believes if they just made twenty grand more a year then they would have margin.  Well two years down the road the tax returns say they made twenty grand more a year, but they never realized the margin.

What I want you to think about this week is this.  Instead of filling my entire life with figuring out how to earn more to consume more, I want us to consider the opposite.  What can I do today that will bring margin tomorrow?  Or further down the line.

Just because you have a good paying job today, doesn’t mean it will be that way forever.  It will, most definitely, be better or worse in the future.  So instead of spending it all on the new Toyota or Chevy that came out this season let’s consider not consuming the money.  Just because the money is in the checking account, let’s not go buy that new item.  Need a new coach bag?  I doubt it.  Need those hot new wheels on your car?  Probably not.

Let’s get some stuff.  You know I like stuff.  But let’s not have a mentality that I am going to work today to pay for my fun this weekend, or worse pay back credit for last weekend.

How does this apply to you?

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