Keep window shopping or..

The Internet.

How amazing, right?

You can be sold to even though you aren’t the buyer.

Rewind a few years.  You go to a car lot to buy a car.  Back then the sales guy was taught to “prequalify” you.  He or she was taught to read you.  To check out the car you currently own, to judge the way you dress.  This sales person learned to decide for you, very quickly, which car you should be looking at to buy.

Twelve to thirteen years ago I was studying these practices.  The way the general manager taught us new sales people was to direct the “up” (lingo for a person that walked in as a buyer) to the lowest dollar vehicle that fit their needs.

This move made the closing of the deal much easier.  Because they only seen what the sales person believed they could buy, which made the finance qualifying easier.

Today you can shop around on the internet for five million dollar properties, even if you only make $34,000 a year.  There isn’t much in prequalifying in sales on the internet.

I want you to have cool things.

But don’t spend the day shopping around for luxuries you can’t afford.  You can waste so much time dream shopping on the internet.  You can research and know all the specifics of any item you please.

Just don’t.

You absolutely won’t ever be able to buy those cool toys if you only fill your work day with dreaming instead of working.

How does this apply to you?

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