Savant power

I am not a proponent of “fake it until you make it.”

I tried it.

Didn’t make it.

In today’s limitless information world, you will be easily found out.

Now let’s shift gears here…

I had a conversation with someone here recently.  (BTW, I get my best content from interacting in person, one on one.)

This person is new to the season of life they are in.  Nearly still a newlywed with a baby on the hip.

I asked, “how many books have you read on parenting?”  Their answer, “None.”

Now here is where my curiosity rages.  I started with, I wonder “why not?”

Then in my mind I changed my direction of thinking.  I then thought to myself,

“Why do I read?”

“Why do I listen to audiobooks?”

“Do I have an issue with thinking I don’t have enough facts?”

I was perplexed with the comment directly after. “I don’t need someone to tell me how to raise kids.”

Being a believer that we are all in the learning process of life, I didn’t stand up with any rash remarks.  I totally get why this person said they didn’t want someone telling them how to do something.

Now in my personal voyage of study on business and leaders I realize most of the highly accredited believe that they are all learning.

When I’m by myself too often, I don’t have revelations.  I don’t have new information.  I don’t have thoughts that provoke my creativity.  I don’t get the opportunity to blend my imagination with another’s ideas and experiences.

Yet when I do, all cylinders are firing.  The brain becomes a high revving, powerful engine spitting out absurd amounts of power.  More power than the tires and road can handle.

Let me ask you, Which would you rather have;

An anemic, low horse power, get from point A to point B machine, Or

A race car in sheep’s clothing.  The one that would rival the top five percent of all machines on the road.  The one that, at a moments notice, will out accelerate what you deem physics can allow?

I want my brain to be able to perform at peak efficiency.  Recollect information, ideas and times in history with precise accuracy.  That within moments can compute information with blinding speed.  To a level where you may believe that this brain is somewhat of a savant without the limitations in normal function.

Believing that all of us are simply learners with experiences to back up a theory, I trust that I can learn from others.  I also believe that the highest level on one’s articulation on a given subject is through a written book.  The amount of time invested in such a project shows a feat unto which most other written words do not compare.

Let’s imagine a season of Thanksgiving and Christmas where we have more to talk about with our friends and family.  More to share.  Not financially, but rather intellectually.  I am offering up a challenge.  Between now and Christmas I want us both to read ( or Listen) to one book.  A non fiction book.  It can be short or long, whichever you believe you’ll actually finish.

The reason being is, I want us to have better conversations around the dinner table.  It just may happen where you read something that will impact your family member for a lifetime.  I am so pumped, I’m going to start tonight!

Keep me updated on your progress.

How does this apply to you?

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