Presentation can make or break…

Your sale.

Things that are considered cool, have more value.

Items that have appeal, have more value.

Beauty has a draw to it.  It can be seen as having more value.

When I went to Social Media Marketing World last year there was one concept that stood out the most to me.  The value of proper photography and high end videography.

Learning professional tips on angles, lighting and placement of subject matter in the frame.

You know around our place I sell a lot of our belongings.  I like to buy, therefore I learned how to sell, so that I can continue to purchase new or different items.

The number one thing that brings in prospective buyers for me is a great presentation.

I watch our local sales sites.  Paying close attention to a specified group of search queries.  I can see which items sell and which items linger into the fatal expired abyss.

Presentation is not only about catchy photos, but it must also include a lure in the description.

With it being a known fact that our brains make millisecond decisions on value to us, we must learn to entice a buyer into viewing and reading our post.  Presentation is the simple concept of the sales procedure that will dictate if you and your buyer will ever reach the next step.

If you have a lousy presentation, don’t expect to get much more than lousy buyers.

How does this apply to you?

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