It’s all about experience.

A better experience costs more money.

And it should.

If it was cheaper, then it wouldn’t have taken as much work to develop.

If it was cheaper, it wouldn’t be as valuable.

It’s because value and cost have a direct correlation.

So if you want more money, then create a better experience. For this is what all of us are looking for. We are looking for an experience that no one else has had. We, the purchasers, want to be pampered. We want to feel like we are getting a bargain. Even if the experience you are offering costs more than others we can tell if you put in the extra effort.

So make us a bargain compared to what you are asking in return.

Just follow this mindset;

“You always get paid for how hard you work; sometimes now, often times later – always eventually.” Rory Vaden

How does this apply to you?

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