Author: Chris Kraft

Walk a day in my shoes

Yesterday I seen a bum/pan handler with an interesting sign.

It just had one statement written, “Walk a day in my shoes.”

I can tell you, it wasn’t a good sales proposition.  I didn’t see a single person give him their “spare change.”

Here’s my interesting view point on his explanation of why he is where he is.  He could have been brainwashed into believing that he is a victim of his circumstances.

I do it.  I’ve done it.

I can personally guarantee that if you control the things you can control the shoes you wear will be better.  I have a surefire money making scheme for him.  It’s known as work.  It works every time, that’s why it’s called work.

So as we head into the weekend, remember you’re in control of the things you can control.

You get to decide.

Do one thing each and everyday that leads you in the direction you want to go.  To give you the outcome you want.

We can call these “things” seeds.

Plant a seed everyday.

Then we will see the harvest in the future.

Borrowed vs tax refund vs saved

If you are planning on selling anything in the next few months you’ll run into these three categories of buyers.

Borrowed is just referring to money that came to the buyer in the form of a loan or credit card.

Tax refund and saved money are self explanatory.

The other day my brother and sister in law were looking to buy a used car.  They popped into a few dealerships.  Dylan (my brother) said the prices on the used inventory was bloated.  When he talked to a few sales people, the sales person asked “are you financing or paying cash?”  They seem to be astounded when he said they would just be paying for the car in cash.

They then said, “well the cash price is lower than advertised.”  Dylan asked why.  They simply directed the conversation to reasons of it being tax refund season and almost everyone finances.

This is what I’ve noticed about selling to people and my personal spending habits.  When it feels like I haven’t worked for the money, in the form of a loan or refund, I and many others feel it easier to spend more money.  We tend to pay less attention to the details and final cost.

Now what does this mean to you?

It’s pretty simple.  As you sell right now you’ll notice people focusing less on negotiating the best possible deal.  In the case of tax refund money, even though it is the buyers money that they worked for there is some sort of magical feeling about it.  As if Santa lives in Washington and is just handing out cash gifts.

Remember that mower I sold?  Buyer used a credit card (borrowed money).  He didn’t even bother to talk about the price.  Just needed to swipe and was on his way.

Almost every single time I sell something with the buyer paying cash, he’ll want to pay less.  It’s real.  He worked for it.  It’s tangible.

Borrowed money = your item is worth more

Tax refund money = your item is worth as much as borrowed money

Cash=  your item is drastically worth less

So in summary, figure out a way to be able to take a card.  Use PayPal or Square or one of their competitors.  Always swipe if possible.  Manually entering cards can hold up your money in limbo.  Keep cash on hand, small bills and ways to make change.