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The day after Mother’s Day 

The day after Mother’s Day 

It’s Monday. If you are reading this as soon as it posted it is really Monday night. 

I contemplated back and forth if I should release an article I already wrote that is sitting in the que or give you the current events.  So I put this together real quick. –

When in sports most of us were taught to be the best. Like the saying, “second place is the first loser.” 

Something that held me back for a long time was the realization that there is only 1 person or team in first place. It’s a literal mathematical fact. 

So I opted out. You can’t come in second place if you don’t play. 

But who said we had to be THE best at what we are doing?   Even if you are the absolute best at what you do, you will be knocked off the pedestal. Most of us will never know what that would feel like anyway. 

We can be OUR best. Meaning, you can do the most excellent job you can. Use the talents you were given. Put the effort in to match and you will be your best self. 

So as I’m in the hospital with my mom on the day after Mother’s Day, I want you to look around your life. 

Are you exuding your best self?

 Is your spouse getting a heavy hitter as a teammate through life? 

Do those kids have a parent that undoubtedly is doing their best with the gifts they’ve been given?

I don’t want you to be THE best, I want you to be YOUR best!

Garage sale season


The weather is warming up, the leaves are growing and the birds are singing outside the windows.  Garage sale season is running full speed.  We’ve all seen the signs popping up.

I’m going to show you a twist.

Every time I choose not to sell something, I’m essentially buying it again today.

That’s an interesting idea, isn’t it?  I’ll give you an in context how that makes sense. Let’s say I have a flat screen tv in the spare bedroom. No one ever watches it and we don’t use it.  Now let’s say I put it out on display in our garage sale for $100.  A guy comes by and offers me $75 for it.

If I decline his offer, then I essentially just bought the tv, today, for $75.

It doesn’t matter what we bought it for in the past, how much it is used, or how much I think it’s worth. If I didn’t accept the offer then I missed out on cash in hand of $75. Instead in my hand I have a TV, that value to that garage sale shopper was worth $75.

I just bought our tv back. Cash never exchanged hands but the opportunity was there and I didn’t take it.

How many things do you own that you could sell or that you wouldn’t buy again today?

It may be hot garage sale season right now, but it’s always time to sell what you wouldn’t buy again.  Craigslist has always been a great resource for me, to buy and sell.

Let someone else enjoy that stuff. Rid yourself of the clutter and get some CASH.

Or, just continue to buy it day after day.